Vitamin D

Vitamin D[Health care]
The Pill Book Guide to Natural Medicines : Vitamins, Minerals, Nutritional Supplements, Herbs, and Other Natural Products Name:The Pill Book Guide to Natural Medicines : Vitamins, Minerals, Nutritional Supplements, Herbs, and Other Natural Products
Release:26 March, 2002

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I've been following the advice in Dr Murray's books for years and I trust him more than any other source. His recommendations are based on what has been proven to work and he adds lots of common sense. This book, along with his Encyclopedia, are all that you need to seperate the truth from the hype.
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Vitamin D is a fat-soluble steroid hormone precursor that contributes to the maintenance of normal levels of calcium and phosphorus in the bloodstream. Strictly speaking, it is ''not'' a vitamin, but is referred to as one for historical reasons.Often known as calciferol.

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Meine Gesundheit: Vitamin D-Mangel
esundheitsweb f?r Alle. Mit Online Gesundheitsratgeber von Akne bisZahnschmerzen; Ursachen, Vorbeugung, Medikamentenratgeber, Reisevorsorge, Rehaklin...

More vitamin D may mean healthier gums - More Health News - MSNBC.com
People with higher blood levels of vitamin D may be less likely to develop gumdisease, a new study sugg...

More vitamin D may mean healthier gums - Yahoo! News
People with higher blood levels of vitamin D may be less likely to develop gumdisease, a new study sugg...

Unraveling the Enigma of Vitam... - Summary
... by which vitamin D regulates the amount of calcium in the body (see VitaminD’s Connection to Calcium Control). Further investigations have shown that vitaminD plays many roles beyond maintaining the body’s calcium levels (see Mor...

Vitamin Boost: Science News Online, Oct. 9, 2004
Vitamin D is being linked to a host of health benefits that go well beyondstronger bones, extending to muscle preservation and some protection againstcancer, diabetes, and multiple scler...


Facts About Vitamin D
Vitamin D, calciferol, is a fat-soluble vitamin. It is found in food, but alsocan be made in your body after exposure to ultraviolet rays from the...

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Glassphalt is a variety of asphalt that uses crushed glass. It has been used as an alternative to conventional bituminous asphalt pavement since the early 1970s. Glassphalt must be properly mixed and placed if it is to meet roadway pavement standards, requiring some modifications to generally accepted asphalt procedures.Generally, there is about 10%-20% glass by weight in glassphalt.

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Crémant du Jura AOC

Crémant du Jura AOC[wine]
This Is Our Song Name:This Is Our Song

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Guide pratique des ??tapes en muscadet: 1993-1994 : 150 raisons d'appr??cier Name:Guide pratique des ??tapes en muscadet: 1993-1994 : 150 raisons d'appr??cier
Manufacturer:Maison des vins de Nantes

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Muscadet is a type of dry French white wine. It is made at the western end of the Loire Valley, near the city of Nantes. It is recommended as an accompaniment to seafood dishes.

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Muscadet, wine history and producers and photos, description the best of : muscadet : Wines Musc...

eBay: Muscadet - Les Courronni?res (item 4411947724 end time 23 ...
Muscadet - Les Courronni?res in de Wijn Gastronomie , Overige Franse wijnen categorie op eBa...

The Wine Importer
The Dressneriztion of Muscadet! I am at Vinexpo in Bordeaux and have overheard this espression four times. The Dressneriztion of Muscadet! Yikes! - Joe Dressner 6-20-2005 2:08 am [link] [12 comments]. older posts.....

Muscadet Wein Loire
det ist ein leichter, trockener Weisswein, der in Frankreich im Loire-Gebiet angebaut wird. Der Muscadet Wein wird aus der Muscadet-Traube gewonnen. Der Wein zeichnet sich durch ein feines Bukett und eine delikate S?ure aus...

Muscadet Definition in the Wine Dictionary at Epicurious.com
Technique videos, cooking classes, chefs' tips, tools of the trade, and reference guides, including the Food and Wine Dictio...

Bullz-Eye.com - Wine Reviews - Domaine de la Pepiere Muscadet
Maybe you'll stumble upon a gem such as Muscadet from Domaine de la Pepiere. Huh? It looks like a mouthful to say, but it's really ... Domaine de la Pepiere (PEP-ee-ay) Muscadet is fresh, clean and citrusy on the nose and in the mouth...

Rebsorte - Traubensorte Muscadet
rte Muscadet von der Loire. ... Rebsorte - Traubensorte Muscadet. Ergibt frische und leichte Wei?weine aus dem gleichnamigen Gebiet der Loire-M?ndung. Idealer Wein zu Meeresfr?chten. Wei?wein...

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Civil engineering

Civil engineering[Construction]
Dynamics of Structures: Theory and Applications to Earthquake Engineering (2nd Edition) Name:Dynamics of Structures: Theory and Applications to Earthquake Engineering (2nd Edition)
Release:11 September, 2000
Manufacturer:Prentice Hall

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I've been a seismic engineer for 9 years now. I started my master'sdegree in Earthquake Engineering back in 1993, in Okayama, Japan. For the entry exam to the program, my professor recommended me 3 books: Structural Dynamics, by M. Paz, Dynamics of Structures, by Penzien and Clough, and this one. The book by Penzien was too difficult to master in the 3 months that I had for studying, and Paz's tome lacked some in-deep knowledge. Chopra's book was right what I needed for a quick and complete introduction to Dynamics, specially for the short time I had. All three updated versions of the books reside in my desk's shelf. But everytime that I'm asked by any young engineer in dire need of a quick introduction to this particular field, I heartily recommend this one. Must keep in mind that the book by Clough is by far the most complete of the three and you'll definetely get more mileage for your hard earned cash, and Paz's book offers a more down-to-earth application of the subj! ect to the seismic design of structures.
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In modern usage, civil engineering is a broad field of engineering that deals with the Urban planning|planning, construction, and maintenance of fixed structures, or public works, as they related to earth, water, or civilization and their processes. Most civil engineering today deals with roads, structures, water supply, sewer, flood control and traffic. In essence civil engineering is the profession which makes the world a more habitable place to live.Engineering has developed from observations of the ways natural and constructed systems react and from the development of empirical equations that provide bases for design. Civil engineering is the broadest of the engineering fields. In fact engineering was once divided into only two fields--military and civil. All the engineering specialties have derived from civil engineering. Civil engineering is still an umbrella field comprised of many related specialities.

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UF Civil and Coastal Engineering
Welcome to Civil and Coastal Engineering. Robert Dean Preserving the State's Beaches for Future Generations. Florida's beaches are one of the State's most precious natural resources. They provide valuable recreational opportunities...

Civil/Environmental Engineering Home Page

[東大社会基盤学] 東京大学 社会基盤学科/社会基盤学専攻
試の英語試験へのTOEFL導入について(最終版) [2005-03-02] · 修士論文の成果が 雑誌「サイエンス」に! [2004-08-27]. Last updated on 30-May-2005. Copyright ? 2002 Department of Civil Engineering, The University of Tokyo. All Rights Rese...

Department of Civil Engineering - Home - Dept. of Civil ...
The Department of Civil Engineering at Washington University in St. Louis is among the leaders in research and teaching for Seismic Analysis, Design and Structure Contol; Computational Structural Mechanics; Concrete and Composit...

Civil and Environmental Engineering at Carleton University
civil environmental structural geotechnical water resources transportation engineering Carleton University Ontario Ca...

Resources of Scholarly Societies - Civil Engineering
four stars, Association Fran?aise de G?nie Civil = French Association of Civil Engineering [In French.] AFGC ... four stars, Canadian Society for Civil Engineering = Soci?t? canadienne de g?nie civil, CSCE = SCG...

Civil Engineering Contractors Association
Represent the interests of civil engineering contractors registered in the UK as well as to provide a full range of services to mem...

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Plymouth Gin

Plymouth Gin[Alcoholic beverages]
Hoyle Classic Games Name:Hoyle Classic Games
Catalog:Video Games

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Plymouth Gin is made in Plymouth, England. The Plymouth Gin Distillery, Plymouth, England|distillery, which is located in what was once a monastery built in 1431, has been in operation since 1793, making it England's oldest distiller. The gin is 41.2% alcohol by volume.

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Life settlement training? Basic and homegrown.(Focus: life settlements) : An article from: National Underwriter Life & Health Name:Life settlement training? Basic and homegrown.(Focus: life settlements) : An article from: National Underwriter Life & Health
Release:01 August, 2005
Manufacturer:The National Underwriter Company

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A Viatical settlement is the sale of a life insurance policy by the Insurance contract|policy owner, before the policy matures. Such a sale, at a price discounted from the face amount of the policy but usually in excess of the premiums paid or current cash surrender value, provides the seller an immediate cash settlement. Generally, viatical settlements involve insured individuals with a life expectancy of less than two years. Some people are also familiar with life settlements, which are similar transactions but involve insureds with longer life expectancies (two to twelve years).A viatical settlement can be an innovative wealth and estate planning tool under the right circumstances. It also essentially creates an open market for redemption of a policy. For example, if the only place you could sell your Ford Motor Company stock was to Ford you would not get that much for it. The same applies to the value of an insurance policy. As long as life insurance has been aro! und, the only place to redeem your policy was from the issuer. Now, much to the chagrin of the life insurance industry, there is an open market to determine a policy's value. From the perspective of the investor, purchasing a viatical settlement is similar to buying a bond with a negative coupon and an uncertain redeption date. The return depends on the seller's life expectancy and when he or she dies.Viatical settlements grew in popularity in the United States in the late 1980s, when the AIDS epidemic first hit. The early victims of AIDS in the U.S. were largely gay men, many of whom were not particularly old. They often had no wives or children (the traditional dependents in a life insurance policy), but they had life insurance policies through employment or due to other investment activity. The dependents on the policies were often their parents who did not need the money. Viatical settlements offered a way to extract value from the policy while the policyholder was! still alive.At the time, the AIDS mortality rate was very hig! h, and l ife expectancy after diagnosis was typically short. Investors were reasonably sure that they would collect in a relatively short time. This combination of events caused a surge in viatical settlements as both investors and viators saw an opportunity for mutual benefit.Viatical settlements eventually developed a bad reputation in the investing community. The companies that purchased them from policy holders typically resold them to individual investors. Salesmen were paid large commissions to push the settlements, which were not conventional investments and which were misunderstood by many investors. The government regulatory agencies had little experience and few regulations dealing with viatical settlements, and the industry attracted some unscrupulous dealers.Despite the bad experience of some investors, viatical settlements remain an often valuable tool for the personal financial management of many ill people. A 2002 study showed that among hospice financial counsel! ors who have had experience with viatical settlements, most report positive experiences.

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Mortality drag

Mortality drag[Insurance]
Wind Tunnel Testing for Drag Reduction of an Aircraft Laser Turret Name:Wind Tunnel Testing for Drag Reduction of an Aircraft Laser Turret
Manufacturer:Storming Media

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Mortality drag is a term used, in reference to annuity|life time annuities, to describe a negative impact that is experienced when an annuity purchased is delayed on a fund from which regular withdrawals are being taken by an individual.First, it should be understood how a lifetime annuity works. In simple terms, a lump sum is given to an insurance company that agrees to pay back the sum over the expected lifetime of an individual based on a fixed underlying interest rate or the return on underlying investment after costs have been taken into consideration (It may be helpful to think of it as a loan in reverse from the perspective of the individual purchasing the annuity). Those who live longer than the mean lifespan of an annuity population are effectively subsidised by those who die earlier, and the insurance company usually assumes the risk of making this work based on actuary|acturarial assumptions. This is known as a cross subsidy. An individual may therefore suffer! a mortality loss or mortaliy gain based on when they actually die. This is a risk they take on board in exchange the guarantee of income for the rest of their lives which cannot be predetermined.When an individual delays buying an annuity, say between the ages of 60 and 65, the following occur:
# Some of annuity population that would have been connected annuity purchased at age 60 will have died, meaning their subsidy has been lost to those those purchasing at 65.
# While the total expected remaining lifespan will have decreased, the mean age of death in an annuity population entering at age 65 will be greater than for a group purchasing at age 60. In practical terms, those with an invested amount may gain more from the growth of the investment such that they are still better off waiting until they are older to purchase the annuity. However, where an individual decides to take withdrawals from a given lump sum before buying an annuity the impact of mortality drag becomes very significant and increases exponentially with age. For example, using imaginary actuarial assumptions, an individual with $100,000 can buy an annuity with an underlying interest rate after costs of 5% that gives them $8,024 at the end of each year based on a mean life expectancy of 20 years. Instead, they invest in an investment with a fixed return of 5% and take $8,024 at the end of each year. Three years later they use the residual investment, now worth $90! ,466, to buy an annuity. The mean remaining life expectancy according to the mortality tables used by the insurance company will not be 17 years but longer. Let us suppose it is 18 years. The annuity that can now be purchased would give $7,739 each year. In order to offset the reduction, the alternative investment used for three years would have had to return 5.47%. If an individual waits longer than three years, the additional growth required will increase over time, reflecting the exponential effect of mortality drag. In the United Kingdom Pension Income Withdrawal (formerly and still popularly refered to as Income Drawdown) permits an individual to withdrawals from a private pension fund from a permitted age before buying an annuity. The maximum level of withdrawal is controlled, but care must also be taken to maintain the fun at a level that can still buy an equivalent annuity or higher in the future. The risk of reduced general annuity rates in the future must b! e considered, and mortality drag becomes an ever more prominen! t factor as a person gets older.

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Insurance contract

Insurance contract[Insurance]
Stiller & Meara hired to counter Harry & Louise. (Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara hired for health care reform television advertisements) : An article from: ... & Casualty-Risk & Benefits Management Name:Stiller & Meara hired to counter Harry & Louise. (Jerry Stiller, Anne Meara hired for health care reform television advertisements) : An article from: ... & Casualty-Risk & Benefits Management
Release:28 July, 2005
Manufacturer:The National Underwriter Company

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An Insurance contract determines the law|legal framework under which the features of an insurance policy are enforced. Insurance contracts are designed to meet very specific needs and thus have many features not found in many other types of contracts. Many features are similar across a wide variety of different types of insurance policies.

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Kanji[Japanese terms]
Basic Kanji Book, Vol. 1 Name:Basic Kanji Book, Vol. 1
Release:01 January, 1990
Manufacturer:Jp Trading Inc

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I recently bought this book from "Jumpingbee" and already I love it. Hundreds of new kanji for me to learn to increase my japanese knowledge. I hope to be able to memorize all the Kanji in the book for when I go to Japan.
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Kanji (, literally "Han dynasty|Han characters") are Chinese characters used in Japanese language|Japanese. Kanji are one of the five character sets used in the modern Japanese writing system, the other four being hiragana, katakana, the Roman alphabet (r?maji), and Arabic numerals.This article focuses on the Japanese use of these characters; see Chinese character for a general discussion of Chinese characters, which are also used in several other languages.

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Kanji T-Shirts
Japanese Kanji T-Shirts $20 Plus Handling and Shipping. Also available on Sweatshirt $30. Each Kanji T-Shirt has *Romaji and English Translation. Each Kanji T-Shirt has the artist's Hanko (Seal)...

Kanji Names Project
Descriptions of Japanese names in English with kanji image files, and informationon kanji b...

Common Archivers Library: TAR32.DLL
etwork Kanji Filter32 1.00 [KMTARSEF.EXE] KMTARSEF.EXEがあって、アプリケーションが対応していればtar.gzの自己解答書 庫が作れます。オマケ的機能です。WINDOWS\COMMANDディレクトリなどに入れてく ださい。 ---NIFTYSERVE FEXT LIB#1--- 35...

Kanji Tattoo T shirts
... Dancing T shirts, Direct action Tees, England T shirts, Flowers T shirts, Geek T shirts, Justice T shirts, Kanji Tattoo T shirts, Kids ... Kanji Tattoo T shirts. Less painful than the real thing! T shirts are £16.90 plus £2.20 p&p...

Inspiration Peak: The Kanji 'Love' Shirt
The kanji symbol means "love" and it's another perfect reminder of what this life is all about. ... All Inspiration Peak t-shirts are printed by Ashbury Images - a nonprofit organization based in San Francisco that provides employmen...

Bibliography of Oriental Studies on the Web [Version 4.6]
類目に関するご質問、ご要望、その他ご連絡は ruimoku-admin@kanji.zinbun.kyoto-u.ac.jp までお願いします。 なお、東洋学文献類目が収録する論文、雑誌、書籍等の内容そのものや 所蔵情報、複写依頼等はここでは受け付けておりません...

質問専用5 - MobileHackerz Knowledgebase Wiki
ァイル中からQCELP(音声部分)をぶっこぬくことが不可能でした。auにもイロイロバージョンがあって今は3g2になりつつありますけど。 -- puri? 2005-08-20 (土) 13:10:41; kanji.exe、試してみます。 -- puri? 2005-08-20 (土) 13:12:11. お名前...

i-PRI」及び「楽プリ」に対応しています; このデータは、佐藤孝一先生(北海道千歳市立支笏湖小学校)が作成しました。 ... 本ソフトウェアをダウンロードします。kanpr200b.exeという自己解凍ファイルです。 実行後はメッセージに従って下さい...

よみかき じゅうさんか Lesson Thirteen
じゅうさんか Lesson Thirteen. Type readings for the words in hiraganabelow. →. お...

Japanese Writing
Helps older students develop written katakana, hiragana, and kanji sk...

よみかき じゅうよんか Lesson Fourteen
じゅうよんか Lesson Fourteen. Type readings for the words in hiraganabelow. →. お...

BUTIK.PL - t-shirts, sweatshirts, mugs, bags - Kanji
.PL - Kanji. ... SERCE 1 w Kanji [#158892-204401] 32,95 z?, SERCE 1 w Kanji [#158891-204399] 32,95 z?, S?OWO w Kanji [#158841-204315] 32,95 z?, S?OWO w Kanji [#158839-204312] 32,95 z?. S?O?CE w Kanji [#158805-204245] 32,95 z...

Mainichi-Kanji is a learning aid for students of the Japanese language. It introducesa new kanji every...

ウンロード. DownLoad 一括ダウンロード ttf30.exe(16622058バイト)サイト1(HTTP) · DownLoad 一括ダウンロード ttf30.exe(16622058バイト)サイト2(FTP) こちらからも上記と同様のドライバがダウンロードできます...

Copyright (C) 1998-1999 Kohsaku HOTTA, all rights reserved ...
<Disk 1> 内の unzip.exe と、<Disk 5> の gs550-j-wapi.zip を c:\tmp にコピーします。 ... その2)日本語表示は、c:\gstools\gs5.50\kanji 内の article9.ps をGSview で表示して『 日本国憲法第九条 』が確認できれば OK です...

ヨサゲな素: 2004年7月
れたAMCファイルに「kanji.exe」で登録可能に出来るかどうかは、私も試していませんのでわかりません。 「kanji.exe」の所在などは某巨大掲示板などで検索してみてください. リンク先は自己の責任で行動してください...

Samurai Shop / Shogun Series
ai Shop is Opened! You can make Kanji Character T-Shirt. ... Optional Service:, Your Name in Kanji Character ( Backside Print ). Price:, $ 3.80. Your Name:. Uesugi Kenshin. Uesugi Kenshin Tiger. T-Shirt:, [ Zoom in on picture ...

Kanji T-Shirts
Japanese Kanji T-Shirts by Clyde Graphics. Calligraphy (Shodo:"The Way of Writing") is the art of writing Kanji beautifully. Kanji are Chinese characters introduced to Japan in the 5th century by way of Korea. Kanji are ideograms...

Ghostscript 5.10 with VFlib 2.23
きた gs5.10/kanji にある以下のファイルに注目して下さい。 vfontcap.ft -----FreeType機能を使用する設定の例 ... VFlib も用います。dvips.exeを使用するときは、tops.cmd: set VFONTCAP=i:/gs5.10/kanji/vfontcat.noft dvipe.exe %1 %...

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Jenever[Alcoholic beverages]
Code Mesa Name:Code Mesa
Release:19 August, 1997

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I heard some of these songs from Waterfires Providence,RI. This kind of music gives you an artistic, uplifting, and spiritual thoughts. Beatiful music. Tourists, if you are into the arts and music such as this go to the Waterfires events at Providence,RI. you'll be very glad you went and the people, music, food, ballroom dancing, and waterfire on the rivers are all great and should give you great memories enjoying the romantic fires setted close to you. Check out http://www.waterfire.org/ to see the Waterfire schedule. Thanks.
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Jenever, juniper-flavored and strongly alcoholic, is the traditional liquor in the Netherlands and Flanders, from which modern gin has evolved. Believed to have been invented by a Dutch chemist and alchemist named Sylvius de Bouve (or Franciscus Sylvius), it was first sold as a medicine in the late 16th century. In the 17th century it began to be popular for its flavor. Traditional jenever is still very popular in the Netherlands and Flanders. European Union regulations specify that only liquor made in these 2 areas can use the name ''jenever''.Jenever was originally produced by distillation|distilling maltwine (moutwijn in dutch) to 50% ABV. Because the alcohol didn't taste very nice due to lack of refined distilling techniques, only the pott still was available, herbs were added to enhance the flavour. The juniper berry (Jeneverbes in Dutch, which comes ? in its turn - from the French Genievre) was best for that, hence the name Jenever. And the name Gin.There are two ty! pes of Jenever: ‘Oude’ (Old) and ‘Jonge’ (Young). This is not a matter of aging, but of distilling techniques.
Around 1900 it was possible to distill an almost neutral high graded type of alcohol in taste, even independent of the origin of the spirit. A worldwide tendency for a lighter and less outspoken taste, and lower prices, led to blended whisky in Great Britain, and in the Netherlands to Jonge Jenever. During the Great War, lack of imported cereals and hence malt, forced the promotion of this blend. alcohol from molasses from the beet-sugar industry was an acceptable alternative for grainspirit. People started using the term ‘Oude’ for the old-style Jenever and ‘Jonge’ for the new style Jenever. The new style contains more grain instead of malt and can even contain plain sugar-based alcohol. It is written on the label when only grain and malt has been used (then it's called Graanjenever).Jenever is usually served very cold straight from a bottle that has been kept in a freezer. Jenever glasses are also often "frosted" by having been kept very cold. J! enever is often drunk as a chaser with cold lager beer; this is sometimes referred to as a 'kopstoot' . Korenwijn is a drink very similar to the 18th century style Jenever, and is often matured for a few years in an oak cask.Hasselt, Belgium and Schiedam, the Netherlands are famous for their jenever.

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Chambord (liqueur)

Chambord (liqueur)[Alcoholic beverages]
Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets Name:Harry Potter & the Chamber of Secrets
Catalog:Video Games
Release:07 November, 2002
Manufacturer:Electronic Arts

Usually ships in 3 to 5 days

I found this game to be the best of the 3 existing roleplaying games. The graphic's have improved from the 1st game and allthough in the 3rd Game < Prisoner of Azkaban> the Graphics are even better this 2nd game was more challenging. There is plus and minus to every game. The broom stick controls can be a little difficult but after some practice one gets used to it. I liked how the spells have advanced giving them more power but be careful not to hold down the buttons for to long or else you hurt yourself. Trading beans for items in Fred and George's hidden wizard shop is nice but can get annoying specially when you always have to collect beans. Allthough the 200 bean bag is a huge advantage it still is annoying to collect beans over and over again after one went on a little spending spree. Hint you will not receive the 200 count bean bag until you helped all the students on the grounds < not the notice board>. Some of the items on the notice board/ and from the students! are easier to find then others. Some of the challenges are harder then others as well, I found the kill Aragog challenge to be a bit of a joke but almost threw the controller at the TV after being hit so many times by a jumping book case in the skurge spell challenge < forbidden Library section> < and yes you can laugh at that find out for yourself how hard it can be to defend yourself against flying books>. There is alot more to explore in this game then in the 1st one and even the 3rd game doesn't have that much stuff to find. Take your time and fly around the grounds on your broom < after you catch the snitchin a training game> . Talk to students and even trade Wizard cards < which you will collect along the game so make sure to open all treasure chests as soon you have the matching spells and keys> Being caught by prefects at night will cost your house points so be careful. There is quite a few hidden passages you can take to avoid that. In general the game is the! same as the book/ movie. It's only a few times that the story! is chan ged to fit the game. There is a whole lot of minigames in this game costing 5- and up beans per round. In all this game waslike I said before better then the 1st one, I however found that killing the Basilisk at the end of the game was a little to easy. I still recommend this game if you like the other Harry Potter games I am sure you will like this one as well!!
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Chambord liqueur is a liqueur that is made in the Loire valley in France. It dates back to 1685 when Louis XIV of France|Louis XIV visited Chambord. It is made from red and black raspberries (m?re), honey, vanilla, and cognac. It comes in a spherical bottle with gold imitation printing around the middle. It is 23.0% alcohol ABV|by volume. It is fairly sweet and tastes a little bit like blackberry pastilles.

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Georges Duboeuf

Georges Duboeuf[wine]
KNOWLEDGE ADVENTURE Curious George Downtown Adventure (Windows) Name:KNOWLEDGE ADVENTURE Curious George Downtown Adventure (Windows)
Manufacturer:Knowledge Adventure

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A prominent Beaujolais bottler, Georges Duboeuf is a n?gociant who produces more than 25 thousand cases of wine annually. He is almost single-handedly responsible for the annual Beaujolais nouveau phenomenon, and has won countless awards for his wines. These wines are easily recognizeable by the flowers on the labels, and the distinctive Duboeuf insignia.

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Niacin[Health care]
Nikon Buckmaster 1x20mm Scope (Blackpowder Matte) Name:Nikon Buckmaster 1x20mm Scope (Blackpowder Matte)
Release:16 August, 2005

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Niacin, also known as nicotinic acid or vitamin B3, is a water-soluble vitamin whose derivatives such as NADH play essential roles in energy metabolism in the living cell. The designation ''vitamin B3'' also includes the amide form, nicotinamide or niacinamide. Severe lack of niacin causes the deficiency disease pellagra, whereas a mild deficiency slows down the metabolism, which in turn decreases cold tolerance and is a potential contributing factor towards obesity.Nicotinic acid was first discovered from the oxidation of nicotine. When the properties of nicotinic acid were discovered, it was thought prudent to choose a name to dissociate it from nicotine and to avoid the idea that either smoking provided vitamins or that wholesome food contained a poison. The resulting name 'niacin' was derived from nicotinic acid + ''in''.Nicotinic acid reacts with hemoglobin and myoglobin in meat to form a brightly coloured complex, and thus has been used as a food additive, typically ! to improve the colour of minced (ground) meat. However, sometimes excess niacin is added to the meat during processing. Though still licensed as a food colouring agent in some countries, it is not licensed as such in Europe.The liver can synthesize niacin from the essential amino acid tryptophan, but the synthesis is extremely slow and requires vitamin B6; 60 mg of tryptophan are required to make one milligram of niacin. Bacteria in the gut may also perform the conversion but are inefficient. For this reason, eating lots of tryptophan is not an adequate substitute for consuming niacin. Because niacin in large quantities is a vasodilator, large doses of niacin (either from vitamin B3 tablets or from treated meats) may cause harmless and short-lived but unpleasant symptoms such as extreme skin flushing resembling a sunburn, itching, gastric disturbances, and lowering of blood pressure. The amide form (strictly speaking a provitamin) does not cause these side effects, but is a! lso not as easily assimilated by the body.Large doses of niaci! n are so metimes prescribed to combat high blood pressure, and also to lower blood cholesterol levels. Pharmacologic doses of niacin (1.5 to 6 grams/day) reduce LDL cholesterol levels by 10 to 25 percent and triglyceride levels by 20 to 50 percent. HDL cholesterol levels are also increased by 15 to 35 percent.1 Brand-name medications include Niaspan®, Niacor® and Nicolor®. Treatment doses cause flushing in individuals not previously exposed to large doses of niacin, so titration to increasing doses is necessary upon starting the medication.Vitamin B3 has also been used to treat schizophrenia and other mental illnesses by orthomolecular medicine|orthomolecular practitioners. Usually the nicotinamide form is used, as it is considered to be more effective. Unfortunately there is little scientific evidence that this treatment is effective.Because niacin promotes metabolism, some believe that taking large doses will speed up the elimination of Tetrahydrocannabinol! |THC from the body and produce a negative result for marijuana on a drug test. There is no evidence that this is effective, and niacin is toxic to the skin and liver in overdose.

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No Flush Niacin (Inositol Hexanicotinate), 100 caps (Twinlab-TL157) -
Twinlab No Flush Niacin (Inositol Hexanicotinate), 100 caps. (SKU: TL157). Price Range: $7.63 - $18.62 from 3 Sellers. Description: TwinLab No Flush Niacin , 100 caps TL-157Description:Each bottle of Twinlab No Flush Niacin contains 10...

A severe shortage of niacin leads to pellagra, a disease triggering skin problems, diarrhea, mental confusion, irritability, ... Large amounts of niacin appear to be harmless when they come naturally from food, but a large dose fro...

Why do we need thiamin
イプ: PDF/Adobe AcrobatFacts about Niacin. 1. R. Elaine Turner. 2. Why do we need niacin? Niacin is one of the B. vitamins. ... niacin for our bodies to use the. energy in carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. Niacin is also needed for DNA repair an...

Nature's Nutrition (Canada) - No Flush Niacin
Nature's Nutrition is Canada's online source for discount brand name nutritional supplements. Secure ordering. Nutrition Newsle...

No Flush Niacin-500 100ct 500mg from Solaray
Buy No Flush Niacin-500 100ct 500mg from Solaray, Sale Price: $12.09, or similar items... Volume Discounts availab...

NEJM -- Simvastatin and Niacin, Antioxidant Vitamins, or the ...
nal Article from The New England Journal of Medicine -- Simvastatin and Niacin, Antioxidant Vitamins, or the Combination for the Prevention of Coronary Dis...

ている『Guitar [LIMITED EDITION] [LIVE] [FROM US] [IMPORT]』には「フィルモア・ライヴ'71」のオビが。 ... ザッパの映像作品が続々とDVD化されてます。今回登場するのは74年バンドと81年バンドの貴重な演奏シーンを含む「The Dub Roo...

Nだとか、何かそういうのをバンドでやる人達が多くて、結構聴いてて、で、大学行って今度はブラックミュージック聴いて、今は“た ... T:ライヴをやったりとか、後は曲を作って。一枚目の方はデモを作って貯めていた中で収録曲を選んだ感じだった...

L. Ron Hubbard, Ron the Humanitarian, Rehabilitating a Drugged ...
As L. Ron Hubbard explains below, his examination of the vitamin was both extensive and lengthy. Indeed, well before drug abuse became a pandemic scourge, niacin had been a definite point of study as an antidote to radiation expo...

だ俺は自分の視野が広いと言ったわけではないですよ? 一応挙げておくなら(あえてHR/HMを除く) DIMENSION、NIACIN、Chick Corea ... 演奏力があるかないかはライヴで判断 ...fRPSm 僕ぁANGRAが大好きなんじゃが…彼らのライブでの...

師:長嶋修先生約180分 12,600円. 映像サンプル→ ADSL ... Live: Blood, Sweat & BeersImage Entertainment Niacin 価格: 2,216 ... ビリー・シーン・プロジェクト〜ライブ・イン・ジャパン コロムビアミュージックエンタテインメント ナイアシン 価格...

No Flush Niacin, Natural Factors, 500 mg, 90 Capsules
No Flush Niacin, Natural Factors, 500 mg, 90 Capsules Supports Cholesterol Metabolism Dietary Supplement. No-Flush Niacin contains inositol hexaniacinite, a safer form of niacin (vitamin B3) used in europe for over 40 years...

Niacin and hair
Effect of niacin and the hair. ... Replacement for niacin lost due to inadequate diet. Treatment for vertigo (dizziness) and ringing in ears. Prevention of premenstrual headache. Reduction of blood levels of cholesterol an...

What Is The Niacin Flush?
Niacin Flush? What is it? Is it good? Frequently Asked Questions -- A Series of interesting questions and great ... Your physician may tell you that niacin is dangerous. Read more about it on the net. I have experienced no problems...

Magnum Aspiration-New Release(新譜情報)

AllRefer Health - Niacin (Diet - Niacin, Nicotinic Acid)
Niacin (Diet - Niacin, Nicotinic Acid) information center covers functions, food sources, dietary recommendations, benefits, and side eff...

ルバム「COSMIC TROUBADOUR」リリース! スティーヴ・ヴァイとのG3ツアー、NIACIN、ポール・ギルバートとの繋がり ... CS放送「TBSチャンネル」にて放送されます。白熱したライブの模様に初ツアー密着ドキュメントの映像も加...

No Flush Niacin (Inositol Hexanicotinate), 100 caps
Each bottle of Twinlab No Flush Niacin (Inositol Hexanicotinate) contains 100 caps. Nutrition Facts: Serving Size (caps) 1 ... One hard gelatin Twinlab No Flush Niacin capsule supplies Niacin and Inositol. Warnings...

日のBGM「NIACIN/ONE LESS WORRY」 浦和レッズ、現在最下位の柏レイソルに1−1 ... _-;) 今日のBGMはナイアシンのDVD「ライヴ・イン・ジャパン ...まだ発売されてないのですが、たまたまネットでライブ映像があったので...

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Kvass[Alcoholic beverages]
The Best of Operetta, Vol. 3 Name:The Best of Operetta, Vol. 3
Release:04 February, 1997

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A superlative collection of music & song for any lover of Viennese music. It includes the words to many songs that people hum, but these songs are even more wonderful if you know the marvelous words!They are clever,sentimental, and delicious!They're also in the originalGerman and ingood English translations. We bought our copy of Volume III in Vienna a fewweeks ago and were delighted to find that Volumes I and II are availablefrom Amazon.com for a song--so we've just ordered them!The performancesby young artists and the recordings match the great content!
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Kvass (Russian language|Russian: квас) ("leaven") is a fermentation|fermented non-alcoholic or mildly alcoholic beverage popular in Russia and other Eastern European countries.Kvass has been a common drink in Russia since ancient times. It has been both a commercial product and homemade.It is made by the natural fermentation of whatever vegetable product is available. Fruits and berry|berries were probably the first for this use. A notable raw material for kvass is birch sap, collected in the early spring. cereal|Grain suits well for this purpose, for example, wheat, rye, or barley (common or table kvass). For modern homemade kvass, most often black or rye bread is used, usually dried or fried beforehand, with the addition of sugar or fruit (e.g. apple (fruit)|apples), and with yeast added for fermentation.In strength kvass can be almost non-alcoholic and at its strongest is only around 2.2%. It can often be flavoured with other fruits or herbs such a! s strawberry|strawberries or mint.Russians also use kvass for cooking special summer cold soup - "okroshka".In urban Russia, Kombucha (a beverage that became popular in Russia since the start of 20th century) is sometimes referred to as "tea kvass" or (incorrectly) simply as "kvass", although these two drinks taste different.

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Vitamin B

Vitamin B[Health care]
The String Quartet Tribute to Bon Jovi: Count Me In Name:The String Quartet Tribute to Bon Jovi: Count Me In
Release:10 June, 2003
Manufacturer:Vitamin Records

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As a huge fan of Bon Jovi, I was mistaken in thinking this had anything to do with the group as opposed to the group writing these songs at one time - It's as if a string quartet of some pretty good musicians recorded Jovi's songs with a fiddle as Jon's voice - I'm sorry, but I should have done without.
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Vitamin B is a complex of several vitamins. The name arises because it was once considered a single vitamin, much like Vitamin C or Vitamin D. Since later research has shown it is in fact a complex of chemically distinct vitamins that happen to often coexist in the same foods, the name has gradually declined in use, being replaced by the generic term "the B vitamins", the vitamin B complex, or by the specific names of each vitamin.The B vitamins are:*Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine)
*Vitamin B-2, also Vitamin G (Riboflavin)
*Vitamin B-3, also Vitamin P or Vitamin PP (Niacin)
*Vitamin B-5 (Pantothenic acid)
*Vitamin B-6 (Pyridoxine and Pyridoxamine)
*Vitamin B-7, also Vitamin H (Biotin)
*Vitamin B-9, also Vitamin M (Folic acid) - important for pregnancies
*Vitamin B-12 (Cyanocobalamin)Several other substances which are not human vitamins have been referred to as B vitamins. These include:*''Vitamin B-4'' (Adenine)
*''Vitamin B-7*'' — more commonly called Vitamin I
*''Vitamin B-8'' (Ergadenylic acid)
*''Vitamin B-10'', also Vitamin R (Pteroylmonoglutamic acid mixed with other B vitamins)
*''Vitamin B-11'', also Vitamin S
*''Vitamin B-13'' (Pyrimidinecarboxylic acid or ''orotic acid'', often misspelled ''erotic acid'')
*''Vitamin B-14'' — a mixture of B-10 and B-11
*''Vitamin B-15'' (Pangamic acid)
*''Vitamin B-16''
*''Vitamin B-17'' (Amygdalin)
*''Vitamin B-22'', often claimed as an ingredient of Aloe|Aloe vera extracts
*Vitamin B-c, another name for Vitamin B-9 (Folic acid)
*Vitamin B-h (Inositol)
*''Vitamin B-t'' (Carnitine|L-carnitine)
*Vitamin B-w, another name for Vitamin B-7 (Biotin)
*Vitamin B-x, also PABA (para-Aminobenzoic acid|''para''-Aminobenzoic acid)
In addition to coexisting in the same foods, the B vitamins often work together to bolster metabolism, maintain healthy skin and muscle tone, enhance immune system|immune and nervous system function, and promote cell growth and cell division|division — including that of the red blood cells that help prevent anemia.Together they also help combat the symptoms and causes of stress (medicine)|stress, clinical depression|depression, and cardiovascular disease.All B vitamins are water soluble, and are dispersed throughout the body and must be replenished daily with any excess excreted in the urine.Brewer's yeast is a good source of Vitamin B.

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Vitamin B May Harm, Not Help, Heart Patients
Taking lots of vitamin B may not help patients recover from a heart attack.In fact, new research from Norway suggests too much vitamin B can cause heartpatients more harm than good. Results from the Norwegian Vitamin Trial were no...

Vitamin B-Complex - Vitacost
The vitamin B-complex refers to all of the known essential water-soluble vitaminsexcept for vitamin C. These include thiamine (vitamin B1), riboflavin (vitaminB2), niacin (vitamin B3), pantothenic acid (vitamin B5)...

Vitamin B 12 and Memory
Health News - Vitamin B 12 and Memory. ... Vitamin B 12 and Memory. 04/13/2004.Low B12 Linked with Poor Memory in People with High-Risk Genotype for Alzheimer's.Among healthy people over the age of 75 who have the genotype associate...

Go Ask Alice!: Benefits of vitamin B-6
Dear Alice, What are the benefits of taking vitami...

Vitamin B12

Functions: Vitamin B-6 plays a role in the synthesis of antibodies in the immunesystem. ... Functions: Folacin acts as a coenzyme (with vitamin B-12 and vitaminC) in the breakdown (metabolism) of proteins and in the synthesis of ne...

Vitamin B-12 -- familydoctor.org
Information about vitamin B-12 from the American Academy of Family Physic...

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Kimjongilia[American actor]


Kimjongilia is one of two national emblem|national flowers of North Korea, named after the leader Kim Jong-il (??). It is a hybrid cultivar of begonia, ''Begonia x tuberhybrida'' 'Kimjongilhwa'.To commemorate Kim Jong Il's 46th birthday in 1988, Japanese botany|botanist Motoderu Kamo cultivated a new perennial begonia named "kimjongilia", representing the Juche revolutionary cause of the ''Dear Leader'', admiration, and loyalty. According to North Korean sources, the flower symbolizes wisdom and good human feelings such as future loving, justice and peace and possesses strong great man bearing.The North Korean government claims that Kimjongilia, now the national flower, has widely spread throughout North Korea from the Korean Central Botanical Garden, and since to over 60 nations, including the United States and Russia.

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Corkscrew (tool)

Corkscrew (tool)[Konwledge of Wine]
Wacom Intuos3 9X12 USB Tablet - Metallic Gray Name:Wacom Intuos3 9X12 USB Tablet - Metallic Gray

Usually ships in 24 hours

I'm a digital media student and freelance multimedia artist, and my mom is a retired commercial artist. We both bought the tablet after putting up with the Aiptek version for a year. Cons: The included mouse doesn't have many of the movement control features of a regular mouse. I'd recommend using a normal optical mouse along with the tablet. Besides, you're not buying this for its mouse. Pros: Loads of included software (that you'll actually use), perfect compatibility with Adobe Photoshop's features (a huge discount for Adobe Photoshop CS is included), surface is washable and scratch resistant, no batteries required, awesome sensitivity at any pressure or angle, two pens in one (top of pen works as eraser tool in Photoshop) and above all, it's the industry standard choice. All other reviews will agree. There's no better tablet, and I stand by that. I've used it with everything from Adobe Photoshop CS2 to Adobe Illustrator CS2 to Macromedia Flash MX to Alias Maya. Questi! ons welcome: amazonreviewfortablet@jak[remove]karu.com
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A corkscrew is a tool for drawing stopper (plug)|stopping corks from bottles. Generally, it comprises a pointed metallic helix attached to a handle. The user grips the handle and screws the metal point through the cork (material)|cork, entwining the cork and corkscrew so that moving one moves the other. Corkscrews are necessary because corks themselves, being small and smooth, are difficult to grip and (elegantly) remove. The handle of the corkscrew, often a horizontal bar of wood attached to the screw, allows for a fine, commanding grip making removal of the stopper (plug)|stopper relatively easy. Many corkscrew handles incorporate levers that further increase the amount of force that can be applied outwards upon the cork.

Its design was derived from the gun worm which was a device used by musketmen to remove unspent charges from a musket's barrel in a similar fashion.Corks are largely associated with wine bottles, although they are being replaced with other closures such as screwcaps on a proportion of wines.

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Mastocytosis Name:Mastocytosis
Release:March, 2002
Manufacturer:S Karger Pub

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In medicine, mastocytosis is a group of rare disease|rare disorders of both children and adults caused by the presence of too many mast cells (''mastocytes'') in a person's body.

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Costus barbatus

Costus barbatus[American actor]


The Spiral Ginger (''Costus barbatus'') is a perennial plant with a red inflorescence. It is one of the most commonly cultivated ''Costus'' species.The foliage of ''Costus barbatus'' is very attractive with dark green Leaf|leaves that are fuzzy underneath. The long red inflorescences are complimented with bright yellow tubular flowers. Clumps spread easily and produce plants that normally get to six feet tall.

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